Trying to capture directv here but cant

<div class="package-content">

<div class="package-img package-component" style="background:#038fd1"></div>

<div><h2>XTRA ALL INCLUDED</h2></div>

235+ digital channels

<div class="package-links"> 


<a href="/DTVAPP/mydirectv/account/myProgramming.jsp">View My Programming</a>



<a onclick="openCenteredWindow('/DTVAPP/compare/printablePackageChannels.jsp?

packageId=960010&amp;skuId=P000103354&amp;noPrint=true', 'printPackage', 700, 600, true, true); return false;"

href="javascript:LeakedBB(0)">View Channel Lineup</a>




Can anyone help me get this going its for Blackbullet. Bormally I put

left string  ><h2>    and

right string  </h2></div>

But not working on this one. Please advise. 

Thank you in advanced.