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Second OS Install to cheat on safe?
Thor ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Offline
I am odinson...kneel
Hello everyone,

I recently decided to install Linux (Arch) on one of my spare SSDs that I had laying around
now after playing around with it I had an idea: how about I use this Linux install to cheat on f2p accounts and my windows install to play on my main?

that itself would probably work pretty well since I have some experience with Linux and C++
the only issue is that im not sure if getting banned on that second linux install will affect my mains trustfactor(i have only ever logged into my smurf and 1 f2p account on that linux install and only onto my main on my windows install) (so my userdata folder on windows is clean)

any idea if that will affect the trustfactor or not?
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