Alyssa Germeroth HC/BG Comp

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So this is another from my personal collection. She used to be a pretty legit female BB (check the photos), but decided to change over to porn under the alias Haley Ryder. I'm still considering her a pseudo celeb, as she's a fitness coach and model still, and was competing in the IFBB as recently as 2016.

She has a bunch of content up if you search her alias, but a lot of it is solo, so I collected what I believe to be a mostly complete portfolio of her HC work, which unfortunately (or fortunately) seems to all be with the same guy.
Upscaled, bokeh'ed, stitched, etc.; the usual. Either way it's obscenely large; 11 GB, close to 2 hrs. You've been warned.

Dang great find and share!

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Much appreciated

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Not sure what failed on your end, but just checked and confirmed this is very much still active

Thank you dude

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Beautiful lady

Top content right here, great find and contribution from op

She looks great

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