Fast and delicious recipes
Im so bored to eating always allmost same food every day. Its so "hard" to try find new recipes for lunch or dinner. 

So share here your favourite recipes !

I usually just go with a few mac and cheese. Not hard to cook the pasta and melt the cheese manually, even, if you don't have some of the prebaked ones.

Spaghetti and pasta are some other usual quick ones, with meat, vegetables or whatever is left on the fridge.

Make some fried rice. Leftover fridge rice, soy sauce, eggs, spring onion. good as hell

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Mac & cheese is my goto quick food, tastes great, takes 15 minutes to make, perfect if your hungry and don't got patience

Aglio olio - quick and easy fry up; delicious with simple ingredients.

Okay but real talk, have none of y'all tried that extreme poverty spaghetti?

You get that solid no-name brand fake pasta, some ketchup packets jacked from your local fast-food store as tomato sauce, and a bit of water then there you go.

You're now full even if you feel like a waste of space afterwards.

If you're going to try it, try it once, then literally never again.

Baked onion. Look it up!

NYT cooking has great recipes. The shrimp scampi orzo one is super easy and tastes awesome. Can even cut the longest step by buying garlic already minced. If you don’t mind marinating something, it takes 5 minutes to make the NYT chicken shawarma recipe too

Baked brussle sprouts in butter and garlic is awesome and quick