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How does this forum work, credits explained !
thanks for the clarification
[size=1]Let's start by describing why links are hidden.[/size]

Links are hidden in this forum because we use a credits based system to see links. We do this for a simple reason, and regardless of what people may think it is not greed. Unlike most forums, where shared content is lost, usually hours or even minutes after being posted due to DMCA requests, either by white knights or automated systems, this system bypasses this because it requires users to genuinely participate in the forum before they get access. 

[size=1]How to See Links[/size]

Some links can be unlocked simple by replying to the thread. There are certain subforums where content is marked as Premium. Most notably, the Nudes/Social Content/Accounts Section are all marked Premium, and replying to threads will not unlock the content. In this case you must Pay to unlock the content using forum credits. See below on how this works. Premium Members bypass all these restrictions. 

How Credits Work

Credits are earned by posting threads (topics) on the forums, and getting replies on your threads (topics). You also earn 50% of the credits when people Pay to unlock your hidden content.
Oh nice for the info now i know
Idea   At At At
Thanks für the Info!
ty always keen to know more about credits
ty for the clarification this is useful
Thanks for the explanation
thanks for the link man
Thanks for explaining
appreciate the help!
Finally got the explanations I was looking for. Thank you so much !

Arrow Any like will be much much appreciated guys. Cheers ! Sick
Do comments get more credits
Trying to understand this. Is the ratio 1:1?
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