How to force yourself to do Sport / Fitness?
Im lazy as fuck, and you can see it when you look at my body. Problem is whenever I start to do some fitness / Sport it only lasts a week and then I dont want to do it anymore cause I have no motivatio..

Anyone else got into this Problem? How did you fix it?


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Stop with the motivaton bullshit. Motivation means you must convince yourself to do something you don't want to do. And right now, you don't want to change your body, which is why you need to be motivated to go to the gym.

First, decide what you want most: laziness or goals via hard work.
Second, decide what goals you want to work toward.
Third, dedicate yourself to the goals, and to the work necessary to meet those goals.

We all struggle with this. We're all programmed to be motivated to do something. What it really is is not motivation, but choice . We must choose what we want, and then we must work for it. We must put up with hardship and pain to get to where we want to go.

All of us are used to getting things easily, and to getting comfy easily, even if we get fat and lazy. We're taught that comfiness and convenience are what we should desire. We must resist this, and exorcize it from our bodies and minds.

We're all on the same path. What we choose is what divides the common from the uncommon.
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Have small goals, 8 days, 9 days etc
Just walk into the gym. Dont commit to anything. Eventually you will stop wasting your time and just workout. Develop the HABIT my friend. The rest will follow. The hardest part is making it habitual.
I never approach these kinds of things with the mind set of forcing myself to do stuff.  Try them in small increments and see if you even enjoy doing them in the first place, then continue the increments if you enjoy them or want to prolong their timeframes.
do it with friends who enjoy sport. you'll more likely enjoy it too and commit to it by playing or working out with them
I dont..... lol
Well first make small habits, eat the right foods. It can be a major benefactor. Surround yourself with the right friends, if you got gym bros then you’ll end up in the gym most likely. If you got lazy asses who play games all day on discord then you’ll be like them
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I like to watch sports and then it inspires me to try them or play them with friends. Try watching highlights of sports you find interesting maybe you’ll like to give it a shot
Start with a 15 days/3 weeks challenge with daily reps, and once you'll start seeing changes your mindset will change and you'll find the motivation. Trust me I've went through this a couple of times and I'm desperately looking for motivation right now. But I know that as soon as I set my routine back I'll have no more motivation problem Wink

Arrow Any like will be much much appreciated guys. Cheers ! Sick
start with something small like daily walk around the neighbourhood