Man does anyone else feel like they’ve been procrastinating a whole lot due to the pandemic? Even down to working from home, I keep putting off my assignments and end up working later. How do you get out of this cycle?

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What I try to do is look at how much work I have and what the deadline is. Then I divide how much work I can get done in a day so that I still have some free time. This has worked out so far, for me at least. Hope it helps.

I've been trying to make 3 days a week "buckle down" days. This helps me keep my head on straight.

unfortunately seems like a way of life for me, hope you manage to get out of this rut

Definitely did so. It's like loosing some inner drive. Trying to keep myself in shape (mental and physical), but definitely got lazier.

I think it’s about making practical spaces for each thing. I get distracted way too easily, and working from home is amplifying that a lot. I’ve made a quiet space with only essential work stuff while I’m working but it depends on how much room you have at your disposal.

Yeah I got nothing done during the pandemic. Even though a lot of people I know got really productive guess they are built different

I find that relocating where i work helps me get shit done, so like going from my bedroom to the dinning room.
I think it has something to do with like your brain associating your room with relaxation

Completely man, every day I am too tired or lazy to do anything. But I am working on it

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for real, i thought it would give me more time to do more stuff but i just became lazier

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I’ve been meaning to practice my procrastination skills for awhile now, but I keep putting it off...

here in the UK we are in our 3rd lockdown and well i havent been using it the best way i can, 1st one i tried to in terms of watching videos to improve urself etc books (i havent read for so long). im a heavy procrastor annoyingly, 2nd one i legit did nothing! 3rd back of december i didnt do anything due to being lazy as well as it being christmas, i started a new job in early jan and started off lazy, im slowly getting to being good with my times but i keep on going back to playing games etc, forcing myself to do at least a daily walk. its nothing much to some peeople but start small and then keep going. if your anything like me u will think thats rubbish to start small but then again if your like me you wont do anything so might as well start slowly and gain the momentam

Cleaning your workspace, getting a designated study and taking a break from social media helped me presonally

I try to do small tasks all the time and bigger tasks gradually if I don't have the energy. If I have have trouble getting started with a task I always say that I'll do it for 5 mins and then take a break, usually I end up doing the whole task without even thinking about having a break.

Its real hard