Start of college football
Anyone else feel fairly under impressed from a lot of the top teams in week 1. 

Feels like Bama is a clear lead. OSU might settle into things more with some more experience. Clemson did not look good. Oklahoma almost lost I think? Same with Oregon. Not sure who will actually be good this year
It's too early in the season to figure out who's #1 and who's not. And saying Oregon is in the top ten is stupid because they beat Fresno State. A Division I FCS team that isn't even in the top ten of its own league! All this fucking drama bout the top 25 is bullshit right now.

And Division I-FBS is fucking shit. Get the Division III playoff system, and we'll see who really is the top team.
Oregon isn't even winning the PAC12
Bryce Young for heisman
Notre Dame is trash
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Looks like bama is head and shoulders above the world again. Another exciting season....
Ohio State is shit. USC got fucked hard. Coastal Carolina fucked Kansas. The Top 25 showed they're not as good as everyone thinks.
shocked by OSU