What games need more attention than they’re getting?
With the increase of tools, guides and publishing platforms a lot of games are being made more than ever, that implies that a lot of them are being ignored sadly, so, what unknown game needs more attention?

i think carrión is an amazing game

I'd say more fighters in general could use more attention. Lack of cross-play hurts them immensely, and a percieved notion of "I can't play fighters, they're too hard" is just another sign showing that most people don't want to put the effort into learning basic functions of a game; they'd rather have an immediate "know-how" followed by a struggle to perform better.

It's really a shame, since the effort some people put into some shooters or RTS games could prove very effective in fighters, and at least on PC the highest playcount for any fighter wavers at just a few thousand, whereas many popular shooters have tens to hundreds of thousands consistently.