What's your favorite place to vacation? :cool:
Tell me, where do you like to visit and why? I'm looking to take a vacation!
Switzerland by far. The people, the culture, the scenery, it’s just superior. And clean.
Anyplace with a beach really.
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Polish mountains
Of course the USA.
LA is honestly so fun when I visit
Europe for sure
My fav place for a quick getaway is currently on fire.
Japan seems nice
I love travelling to Italy, it's all so coloured and shiny, everyone's happy and welcoming to strangers usually
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Charleston, SC

Beaches, good food, good bars and reasonably priced (getting more expensive)
I must say socal
France! The beachers are well maintained.


Would be Japan for me. Best place for food and nice people
Anyplace in a mountain.
Anywhere by the sea !!!

Arrow Any like will be much much appreciated guys. Cheers ! Sick
Go to bankok because funny
comfortable couch, good internet
Korea or Japan. Great culture and food for sure
turkey has a lot of good hotels, everything included