Who is your childhood celebrity crush?
For me it's Cameron Diaz and Kirsten Dunst. I watched The Mask and Spider-Man a lot soo. Oh and also Megan Fox in Transformers, who doesn't?

Jennifer Lawrence for sure she is next level

Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu from Charlie's Angels.

Like 10 years ago it was Selena Gomez

Anne Hathaway

Kate Beckinsale. Don't know if it was the whole Underworld thing but she looked amazing in black shooting guns. Shirley Manson from Garbage was a close second.

Scarlett Johansson. She aged like fine wine too hahahaah

Probably Selena Gomez, shes still really attractive now too though.  Unlike a few other disney stars

Avril lavigne haha

Emma watson

Victoria justice was mine. They wanted to make her famous, but turns out Arianna Grande was able to blow up way more than her.

Emma watson, especially in the later Harry Potter movies

Is Kim possible ok?

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Quote:Is Kim possible ok?
it's very ok. I used to like Gwen from Ben 10 as well

Anne Hathaway

plus 1 for kirsten dunst

she is still hot