Frequently Asked Questions

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Forum Basics

  • Staring a new topic or (Thread)

    Discussions are started using the Start new topic button. Think of this as starting a conversation. New member topics WILL be placed in a moderation queue to ensure that its not repetitive/credit or rating farming spam etc. Usually these (if they follow all the rules) will be approved in 1-2 hours depending on staff availability.

  • Why is my Topic/Thread not showing up.

    If it's been a long time, (more then a day), then more then likely your topic has been rejected for not meeting a good topic criteria. Check the criteria below. Even breaking one of the rules is enough for the topic to be rejected.

  • Good topic criteria

    This is the criteria for a topic to be approved quickly. It's not fully exhaustive, just use some common sense.

    • Topic should have a preview image. Not strictly enforced but may lead to delays or rejections.
    • Make threads in the correct sections. Bypassing the 3 credit requirements for Requests by posting in other sections will not work and will ALWAYS lead to thread rejection.
    • Make thread in English
    • No one liners. Eg. Which is better x or y
    • Building on above, short threads with little or no substance will be rejected at mod discretion

  • How do I Hide Links

    Link are hidden using the hide tags. Basically anything between the [hide] [/hide] tags are hidden.

User Account and Upgrades or Permissions

  • Error no permissions

    If you get an error that says you do not have permission, you are usually trying to access something that is only available to Onyx level members.

  • Elite Subscription Cancellation

    The Elite payment is a ONE TIME ONLY CHARGE. If you do nothing, your subscription will simply expire when your 2 months are up. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED AGAIN. This question gets asked over and over. You don't need to delete your account. We do not "store" your card details (in fact we cannot access them at all) so you will not be charged again.

  • Why can't I send Private Messages

    Free users cannot use the private message system to send messages. This was being abused in "unsavory" ways (mostly ban evasion). Thus this is restricted to upgraded members.


  • How do I earn credits

    Credits are earned by either making threads/or by getting people to pay to unlock your hidden content. We used to award people credits for posts but that was removed due to spam abuse.

  • I lost credits on a broken link

    Please report the link and move on. We are trying to work on a system that will refund these situations but its way back on the list of things we need to get done. If more people used the "Report Button" or "Rate Links" button, then this would not happen as often. Sorry.

Contributor System

  • What is the Contributor System

    This is a system in place to ensure site quality. Basically stopping users from leeching and not "giving back" to the site. Give and take basically. Also stops duplicate accounts from abusing the system.

  • How do I earn contributor rating points

    Check this space often as we are constantly improving this

    • Making THREADS will earn you contributor ratings INCREASE
    • Making POSTS in the Leaks Section will drop your contributor ratings DECREASE
    • Making THREADS in the non leaks section will earn you contributor ratings INCREASE (smaller increase)
    • Purchasing Links will drop your contributor rating DECREASE
    For Clarification, these are the only actions that affect your contributor rating. NOTHING ELSE. We had a system where likes would increase your rating, but that was removed due to smurf spam.

About Us

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