Thoughts on Sports Games?

From my experience, sports games like fifa and 2k are some of the scummiest in the business. They prioritize microtransactions and gambling over core game mechanics which need attention. They make incredible amounts of money considering that they put almost no effort into game development.
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They are good to buy once and play for a long time. You don't need the latest version every single year for $60. The only reason they get away with it is because people keep buying them over and over again.
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You def don't need the latest version so the shady business involving them is scummy
On that note though, I think my fav sports games are the Wii ones lol
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Feel like sports games are always the samething (same concepts). Just an excuse for them to be able to get more money and release "up to date games". But I guess the only good side from these games are the improvements of graphics and animations.
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Should be good unless its EA which refreshes every yeat
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I agree with all of you, hopefully we can see a shift away from corporate greed and a greater focus on the consumer.

Agreed, sport games like NBA2k change very little every year.
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I enjoy some games like fifa but not my type

I feel like they are fun to good around in, but I would never get seriously into one
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I loved PES. Yeah, some of them were horrible(im looking at you 2008 and 2014), but for me was better than FIFA. And now PES is gone and I dont like what Konami wants to do with this new "E-Football" game

anything not EA

EA games is totally shit, they keep releasing new version of the same old shit every year, the only change of it is their updating squad. Totally not worth my $60
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it fun to play with friends

After playing games like Madden/2k/Live for like 5-10 years I just stopped. It's feels like a waste paying for the same product year after year

Waste of money you could be playing the real thing