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1070 video card

I have the 1070 video card and in the past few days got so noisy and wont even load 1080p on youtube. Any suggestions whats wrong with it guys? Im about to bring it to computer service toget it checked but if i can help me what to do and avoid bringing it, that would be great. Thanks

The fan might be cracked. Does it look ok and spin ok without power?

Hope that thing's got warranty. Check if everything is wired properly.

Also, some GPUs need additional power so they need a cable straight from the PSU. Some of them have 4 pins, or even 8 pins. I remember I helped my roommate assemble a CPU but his GPU needed an 8 pin connector to the PSU, while he only had a 4 pin connector on his. His GPU operated at half power for a while which severely limited performance. Once his new PSU with the correct connector arrived and he got all 8 pins in, it was bliss.

so make sure your GPU is receiving enough power. even if it doesn't have a plug for a PSU cable, maybe the MOBO is also faulty.

What are the temperatures on the card? It could be thermal throttling if bad mount or fan failing