2024 Oscars Thoughts, Discussions, and Predictions
The Academy Awards are coming up shortly here on March 10th, and they've recently announced the nominees in all of the categories. Now that all of the fanfare has died down, I want to open up a thread here to discuss.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the Oscar's this year is the snubbing of Margot Robbie. Her Co-Star, Ryan Gosling, got nominated for best supporting actor for his role in the Barbie movie, but she did not recieve a Best Actress nomination for her taking on the lead role. Honestly, I agree, she was 100% snubbed. Robbie and Gosling are both great actors in their own right, and while I didnt watch the movie myself (suprisingly, Im not the tatget demographic lol) I'm still shocked that he got a nomination but she didn't. I was also pretty surprised to see that the director of the Barbie movie didn't get nominated for best director either. At least my boy Marty made the list with his movie lol. What do you guys think about the snubbing of the people involved in Barbie?

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As for the nomination for best picture, the one everyone cares about if nothing else, I'm predicting that Oppenheimer gets it. This pains me to say it as a massive Martin Scorsese fan boy, but ultimately, Killers of the Flower Moon was just too long and "dull" for most audiences, and I certainly don't see it being the popular pick. So what do you all think will be the best picture winner this year? My pick is for Oppenheimer

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Same, I think Oppenheimer will win the best picture when you take into account the box office success as well. Flowers will probably win a few acting awards though.