2k 120fps vs 4k 60fps
What do you all use? I prefer 4k but I also use my monitor to watch shows.

I would prefer 4k 60fps, crisp as ice cold mcdonald's sprite

2k 120fps honestly I feel like 120 FPS is already good and 60 you can’t tell the difference because your eyes are seeing those already

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Always 2k120fps - it's so much smoother than 60fps

i go 1k 240fps

Depending on the game, how well it profits from either more fps or more resolution.
Prefering more fps in fighting games and 1st person shooter games.

Some games don't have fast moving things renderer, so more and more fps does not make sense.

4k 60fps, not a lot of monitors can even do 90hz if you choose 2k 120fps

I love the smoothness of 120+ fps, I'd pick it over 4K any day. Even in normal Windows operation, it just feels dang nice.

Image quality > smoothness, so 4K 60 FPS

I can't do either. I only have a 1060 3gb version GPU.. But I hear that higher framerates is better especially with a Gsync monitor. So I would go 2k if I can ever afford to do so.

Depends the application. Entertainment vs Image/Video Editing vs Video Games.

but any fast pace competitive game like shooters, you want a minimum of 144 Hz.

The only bad thing about 144 Hz is, once you game 144 Hz you cannot ever go back LOL

120Hz any day. Smile

I prefere more hz in my monitor than more resolution