4 years of CPSC and I still don't know how to make .exe files
Is this normal or is my college just really bad. I've been a Computer Science student for 4+ years now and I have never once made a .exe file. I have absolutely no clue how to go about this. Everything I code works fine, but it would have to be run by a user that already has all the necessary packages installed. Is there a simple way to do this I just haven't heard of in most code editors, or is a big part of my education just missing?

Lol it shouldn't be that hard just google it. You it varies deepening on what you built, but since you are talking about .exes you are making windows applications. Just build it or export it as an executable. Just google "how to export exe in visual studio". It is strange that they never had to build out a full project and submit but I guess they figured on the job there would be a different department that would handle builds and deployments for you. Most swe jobs you will not be building .exe so you should be fine in the workforce.