Hey everyone. Newbie here. Not exactly sure how this works but I have this fantasy or fetish I suppose it'd be. Anyways I have always loved the idea of finding someone I know online doing naughty stuff. You know like a teacher, neighbor, etc. Some unsuspecting person who would have no idea I watch them and get off then talk normally with them the following day haha. Anyhow, so far no luck. So if anyone has any stuff of people from fresno,ca that would help narrow my chances as its where I am from. Or if you guys have any advice on how to find local girls on only fans or other streaming sites cuz I have a few suspicious female friends and coworkers that I am sure are up to things but I cant ask because it'd ruin my entire fantasy of them not knowing that I know. Please, if there's any way that you can help email me at [email protected] Thanks and I am looking forward to being a member of the community here! Pic is just some first impressional humor lol
[Image: image1-2.jpg]