A guy getting his ass eaten out in a scene
I'm not a big fan personally. I really don't wanna see a guys butthole  plastered on the screen and I always skip forward. I'm sure it feels good don't get me wrong.

Most people will probably tell me to focus on the girl but a dude bending over is hard to ignore. Like blow job shots are hard enough to watch, they take too long for my liking

I am going to agree with you on the actual image but disagree with the spirit of your comment. I think we all watch smut visuals to trick our reptilian brain into imagining its you in the place of the male talent and that's why seeing Ryan's asshole for the umpteenth time (hamster humping due to maybe amphetamine high) allows me to imagine i'm the one getting my salad tosses. I am with you on the BJ part since it takes forever

I can't help but skip ahead. It just doesn't appeal to me in any way watching or imagining me as the guy but to each their own.

i'm not a big fann too but i dont know really ... it may be good Big GrinBig Grin

I've heard it feels great (never experienced it myself), but watching it just turns me off, so i usually always skip ahead

I skip those scenes but I don't have anything against them.

I personnaly like it when it's done properly, and I know that in porn it's often really clean, so... np for me Big Grin