Aftermatch of the covid problem
Did you guys think that will be some change after all that covid problem is over? like, people using masks when got sick (I think that's normal in some oriental countries).

Quote: people using masks when got sick
Overuse of masks gets people sick. Most people who died during the 1918 Spanish Flu died of Bacterial Pneumonia, which they got from wearing their masks. All the masks do is keep the shit you cough and sneeze in so you can breathe it more. Guaranteed to make you sick.

people will continue to mask

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its just trash jab

no idea, prooably be a lot of people with social anxiety

The masks and all the hygiene stuff will stay. I wish work stayed remote too, but its unlikely

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I sometimes wash my mask and reuse it. Is that frowned upon?

There is no virus it’s all a lie, depopulation is the aim of the game

Hopefully some extra hygiene from the general public would be nice, but I doubt it.

Prof. Nicholas Christakis have written interesting things about it, you should look for

more remote work, i think

not sure what will happen beyond that--just more remote stuff in general

internet is relaly powerful

Hopefully people will be cleaner now