Agents of Shield
Anyone else watch this show? Real underrated show to me, the MCU is so large and expanded and popular but yet AoS continues to struggle even though its absolutely great TV even if you're not a comic book fan. Such a shame that Marvel don't bring in the AoS members into a movie, not even as cameos. What do you guys think of the show? The final season is coming up next month so thought I'd see what you guys think about it.

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yeah i never understood why it didn't become super popular

cgi look too bad for me to even attempt watching

great show with potential but cameos are hard to do given the show's budget. although it runs along the same timeline of the mcu, it doesn't really get into the mcu storyline. the show only shows the effects of the mcu every time a mcu movie is released and at some point the story line diverged into its own story. lots of potential but couldn't live up to it

I thought it was alright for the first few seasons but kind of lost interest

I watched it and I think it is a great show. Especially the season 4 inside the virtual-matrix-like world.

Has potential but needs more

The main issue with this show, IMHO, is that it was never taken seriously but Marvel or casual Marvel fans. It wasn't allowed to be a part of the universe and yet at times it would wink and nod at you. I will still be watching the final season but it will never be what it should've/could've been. #JusticeForCoulson

I followed it when it first premiered but dropped during season 2. I never drop anything permanently so I do plan to watch it again someday; hopefully it got better since there's been several more seasons.

Better this than Gotham... plus Ming-Na and Chloe are hot