Almost Winter Break Premier League. Who do you think will win the title?
Spurs fell off as everyone predicted. Arsenal almost entering a relegation battle. Who do you think will win? Top 3 for me are Liverpool, Chelsea, and United. United been good lately, 5 last matches only 1 draw.

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Biased as a Liverpool fan, but I think top four will be Liverpool, Tottenham, Man City, and Chelsea in fourth. United have been in good form recently, but I trust Mourinho to be more consistent over the rest of the season than Ole. Spurs have a much better squad, too. City have been awful lately too, but you can't deny their quality (or their oil money) and I see them easily making a run of wins to move back up to CL spots.

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last year during Christmas, Liverpool are top of the table and be the league champions. I think this year could be the same. however, it's tough for them because the point gap is not like last year.

as Chelsea fan, I think it's difficult for them at top 4. Werner's goal drought, no creativity, Havertz does not show good performance. with no Ziyech, their playing is predictable.

my prediction: Liverpool, Spurs, Man. City, and Man. United will be at top four at the end of the season.

This is Tottenham~ It is my wish.

Liverpool, Tottenham or man city,

Liverpool have been good since last year and i do see them as the best team in PL lately

Man city have been meh lately but they can get back on their feet as they have the money and the quality

Tottenham are pretty good and i can see the Mourinho is trying to prove that he is still a good coach

Still i do believe that Liverpool are gonna be the champs

I would say man city, their squad looks really good