Any BabyMetal fans here?
Rocking hard while they release a new tour. Can't wait to rock back when I can fly to Japan again.

I like it, but I don't know enough of names to get more music!

Can you explain exactly what baby metal is???

Babymetal is strangely addicting and I don't know why.

babymetal is great, i guess its the weird fusion that makes me like it.

Babymetal is japanese metal band. They combine 'idol' and 'metal' genre and mix it, even their songs is adopt a lot of music genre (pop, rap, funk etc).. Their main core is su-metal (as main singer) and moa-metal (as main dancer).. So if you like something like 'idol stuff' and 'metal music' then i will recommend you to listening and watch it (because they have choregraphy for every song)

Any good bands to recommend?