Any Fun Mobile Games?
On iPhone specifically, are there any games that are really good, preferably not P2W?

I like to play FR Legends, its a drifting type game. I usually play it whenever I’m bored

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Used to play clash royal

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I used to grind clash of clans, and i'll always recommend it to anyone trying to really get into a game

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Another Eden is fun if you like turn-based stuff. Some of the anime-based gacha games are fun if you can resist spenidng $$$ (DBZ Dokkan, Bleach Brave Souls, etc)

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The Skullgirls Mobile game is pretty fun. Not as deep and fun as the original game of course, but they simplified it in a great way and you get to enjoy the wonderful spritework/animation on the go, so I definitely recommend it.

and +1 to DBZ Dokkan Battle. I never spent any money, but damn the amount of time I spent sitting on the toilet felt like it doubled because I'd get stuck playing that game and grinding for rainbow URs...

Try legends of runeterra if you like card game