Any TV shows/Movies that wouldve been better as a video game?
Code Geass, 100% for me. Rewatched it recently and realized how much is action setpieces/infiltration shit instead of plot. I still like it, but im just saying, video games need fantastic plots too, and the plot was for me, whatever plot there was anyway - woulda really been great. And not the visual novel shit they put out either, i mean a real tactical mecha shooter.

300 - old movie about Spartans

I feel like any movie/show can be good as a video game as long as it is categorized in the right genre. Thinking along the lines of anime, I think Dr Stone would be good. It has a solid storyline to progress the plot and the idea of advancing/building new technology would be good unlock system if implemented right.

There was an old movie I loved called Titan AE, would have been a fun modern game

pretty much any concept can be made into a decent game with enough direction.

breaking bad