Any music bands you can suggest?
Right now i'm listening to baby metal, man with a mission, cavetown, and sometimes heavy metal XD. Can you suggest any band I can listen to just want to explore my music taste and also want to listen to your favourite bands.

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Try Blind Channel ?

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You should certainly try Clamavi De Profundis

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Listen to Iron Maiden if you haven't already. Classic heavy metal

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I agree with start with some classic songs/ bands. 80s rock is one of my favorites genres. Just look up some Playlist on 80s rock. You can't go wrong with it

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Nightwish. Symphonic metal band from Finland

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It depends on what type of music you like

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Babymetal is life! And responding to your question, I recommend you to listen to covet, it is instrumental music, give it a try, you won’t regret it. Also blue oyster cult, as I’m seeing you like metal so this could be like a break to you.

Jinjer is my favorite metal band. They make progressive metal

Starset, they make some pretty nice cinematic rock and their theme/style is mostly around scifi and space.

The Backseat Lovers, mostly songs related to love with really nice drum and guitar instrumentals. I would specifically listen to their album, “When We Were Friends” because where my favorite songs of theirs come from. Also, they are a recent band.