Any shows recommendation?
With everything that's going on, anyone recommend a good to see? Something probably like Witcher or Game of thrones. Low key into that stuff huehuehue Smile

Castlevania, Rick and Morty, Dorohedoro, Kengan Ashura...

Teen Wolf and hunters

Vikings is really good, find it on Prime Video

Dark on Netflix is really good

Better Call Saul is the best.

Dexter is a good one

Mr. Robot! Recommend wholeheartedly although not on Netflix anymore...

Once and again. It maybe old but it worth watching

Vikings is really good

The most well sword swinging series i can thing of atm that are decent are:
Knightfall (i love this one)
The last kingdom
Bastard Executioner

Other nice series:
Frankenstein chronicles

Hope it was to any help.

Believe all are to be found on netflix

The Wire is the best show ever

The Boys is one of the best