Any tips on dealing with Insomnia?
Couple of my friends have pretty bad insomnia. Any tips for them? Any tips for me so I can avoid having that problem? I guess it's not so bad for them right now but once shit starts up again...

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could try exercising more during the day, i sleep better if I've had a tiring day

Train for a habit where you go to bed without your phone. So your brain is associating your bed only with sleeping.

It sucks but trying to keep a rigorous schedule might alleviate it. EX: Always always go to bed at 12 and no phone, even if you can't sleep. Always get out of bed at 9. Eat at this time/that time. No naps.

Sometimes insomnia can be a medical reason. Seek advice from a medical professional in nothing works.

Yeah, the trick is to always just be tired... it sucks

Just close your eyes lol

Meditate, train yourself that the bed room means sleep not to play or eat. Also exercising is very good. But what worked for me is keeping my phone away before sleeping, therefor it helps me not keep myself distracted when trying to sleep

There are lots of good points like working off energy and diet regulation...

If your insomnia is nasty though, go get a prescription for quetiapine, knocks your ass out with minimal side-effects

Stay away from electronics, try to do exercise, sleep regularly

Play lo fi song, dim or turn off the light.

Insomnia.. hope you're feeling better son. Maybe try taking some sleeping pills? Or use a white noise machine, these might help you

Watch some cool movies if you know what I mean...

talk with someone abput it

Cut out caffeine.. no screen time for at least an hour before bed... look into buying a weight blanket

Wake up at the same time each day. ...
Eliminate alcohol and stimulants like nicotine and caffeine. ...
Limit naps. ...
Exercise regularly. ...
Limit activities in bed. ...
Do not eat or drink right before going to bed. ...
Make your sleeping environment comfortable.

I used to play racing games (Gran Turismo) when I started to hit the walls my brain was like: enough now

I've been in a similar boat and specialists have suggested trying to maintain a consistent schedule and also to avoid screentime for 3 hours(!!!!!) before bed.

Try a weighted blanket! It feels like you're wrapped in a cocoon. And because of the weight your body stays still.

Try melatonin dude, It’s a natural sleeping aid, Try that along with meditation. It has worked for me in the past!

I always do a sort of bedtime ritual, like checking social apps in a certain order