Any tips on getting a GPU these days?
So for some reason the crypto mining has made getting a new GPU much more expensive and, for some models, impossible. I am tempted to go with one of the earlier models second-hand just to be able to complete my gaming build and be able to play in the meantime.

Do you folks have any recommendation on which model could be reasonable to get today for a fair price? it sounds like a speficic GPU model that is less efficient in cryptomining might be the way to go.

yeah, don't get one. people like you are driving the prices up the god damn wall causing gamers to be fucked.

Lol, you didn't even read his post.

I'd go for an older second hand card for now. Look around on local buy and sell groups.

What games do you play and what is your target resolution and refresh rate?

Newegg does a product shuffle during the week. Its just a daily lottery that if you win you get a chance to buy a card.

There are some nice R9 390x's on ebay for reasonable prices too.

Seems the best way to go about it is buying a pre-built.

I was able to snag a 3080 using the extension. it will alert you to changes to specific parts of a website