Anyone able to rewatch Game of Thrones after awful final season?
I can't bring myself to watch any of it again. The damn show left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Don't even think about it as the same show anymore

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Don't see the point there are better shows out there that I haven't seen yet anyway

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It's dead to me now!

just pretend like the show was canceled when the seasons start getting bad.

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Was a poor final season, killed any desire to re watch any prior episodes.

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Yeah just stop watching after Season 6 or something.

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We do not kneel lmfao  Big Grin Big Grin

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Definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, sad

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I can still re-watch good episodes, Blackwater, Moutain and the Viper, almost all of the third season.

But anything past that it is a huge turnoff

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Wow, I actually forgot about the show after that season, so bad. It's sad how the show is actually really good until those last seasons. Would still recommend people to watch if they're into that, but yeah I don't think I can ever go rewatch it.

Nah the bullshit they pulled on the last season really did it for me. I was still fine with Season 6 and season 7 was starting to get bad but I turned a blind eye. Season 8 was pure garbage and made me list the show on the same rank as How I met your mother. Except that was better since it at least had an alternate non-bullshit ending unlike GoT. I ain't mad about it but real disappointed.

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no i didnt rewatch

Nope....I ain't messing with that show fully knowing how botched the climax is.

Yes the atrocious conclusion limited any replay value

I don’t think I could watch it again.. I’m reading the books tho and I’m loving them.

Ugh. Barely. It's dead to me now. ?

Nope and I rewatched several season as they came out, now, it just feels like pain.... the books however are amazing and WoW will be EPIC.... def recommend reading and rereading and the rereads are top notch, look for all the forshadowing Wink

I'll definitely rewatch it one day just because Game of Thrones was really the first show I was ever actually serious about so to speak. It transformed me into an actual tv-show binger whereas up until then I had mostly just watched movies and not really explored tv shows

I dont think I would be able to do that, but I can recommend Vikings, It is really good in my opinion.