Anyone else going to buy a console JUST for GTA 6?
Someone please tell me I'm crazy lmao.

So with GTA 6 coming out next year, it looks like Rockstar is gonna Rockstar and NOT release the game on PC and consoles at the same time. While I do have an Xbox One S, I've always been a PC gamer first (even the Xbox I mostly use as a Netflix box so I can watch stuff at night on the TV through earbuds).

Obviously though, we've been starving for another GTA game for over a decade. And while I would normally wait until the PC release to pick up the game, I legitimately don't want it spoiled for me in the year long window between console and PC release like what happened with RDR2.

I think my plan will be to pick up a Series X for cheap this Black Friday. I didn't this past holiday season as the game hadn't been revealed yet and I was still holding out, hoping that the PC version would drop at the same time. Hopefully as well, if the rumors are true that the Seires X will be refreshed, maybe I can pick up a brand new one for around $300 new or even cheaper for a pre-owned one.

Can anyone tell me if I'm just being dramatic and possibly going to waste my money? Also any Seires X owners out there, can you verify that I can use a kb+m on the Series X? I just suck so bad with a controller, and I don't want to get pissed off playing this game lol. Thanks!

I'd say just ebay one probably the cheapest was

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