Anyone feel like gaming lost its way?
This has been my mind on awhile now, but does anyone feel like gaming is losing its way lately? I know that gaming in general has been on the decrease quality wise. Cyberpunk 2077 from CDPR kinda shook me in the wrong way with its buggy release. I don't know if many people remember, but way back in the day we didn't have as many patches, developments, etc out. While there were patches for PC games it was usually up to players to find them and they were usually well hidden and a pain in the ass to download (on a 56k modem). 

Lately, it seems like games are coming out either severely broken, but with plenty of extras to spend money on with the promises of the game being patched, fixed, or developed even after its release. I feel that gaming which was once developed by people who played or actually enjoyed games are being made by people who are either tired or just see it as another paycheck. For example would be looking at World of Warcraft today and the original release of WC3. Blizzard which was once seen as titans of quality in games have become a joke (Still have a 100 year ban on my account.) and other developers seem to follow suit. 

Don't even get me started on politics.

Anyone else feel the same way about this? It seems like gaming itself as a hobby is either trying to push me towards buying something new every 10 seconds or get out.

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I think there is also a lot more pressure on gaming companies as well, that causes buggy releases. Also some gaming companies have gotten really greedy with all the micro transactions.

honestly quality on everything has gone down, games being released with bugs and hardly any content with DLCs to fix it all

Game studios have gotten very greedy. It's easy money for them, and the quality suffers.

Yeah honestly and I'm seeing a lot of game companies that don't exactly put a lot of care into their games. That's why the smaller indie games you see on steam are always fun

Ever since stuff got so much harder with streaming, it's become worse

Big triple a titles only care about money nowadays

I agree with your take on cyberpunk, for me the whole season pass element to games has ruined things by making them incomplete at launch. COD Cold War being prime example with just 6 multiplayer maps at launch and 1 zombies map. It has a few benefits with free maps via updates to stop splitting up the playerbase and friends from being able to play together but still it’s annoying that so much content is stuck behind a paywall or just non existent because they focus on selling cosmetic packs. Let’s hope there’s a shift to better practices in the future

Yes, I agree that gaming lost its way. Too many bad games

I've started going to more indie developers & fan games for my gaming needs, unless it's a game I really need Day 1, and even then it's games I'll play no matter what (like the new Tony Hawk remake).

I think a lot of big name game companies lost their way when they starting trying to make everything in games a microtransaction. I don't really have a problem with Cyberpunk being buggy on release because it was rushed by fans and now CDPR have to fix it as they go.

Thinking of gaming back in the day.. I don't think I miss playing the old games. I just miss the feeling I had when playing them. If that makes any sense.