Anyone here like to cook?
Does anyone here enjoy cooking? If so what helped you like it or have you always enjoyed cooking? Personally, I found a new appreciation for it after I had to start cooking more vs eating out for health/diet reasons.

Thanks to covid, I LOVE cooking.

I love it when other people cook for me. I can't cook worth a damn.

That is sad oli, for being a chan I would assume you would love to cook. DISAPPOINTED.

yeah man, used to order food all the time, started cooking recently. been really enjoying it so far

I enjoy it. Spent my early 20s just eating out but ive found a new apprication for it. I think all of the youtube cooking shows really help.

According to my mom, I always wanted to watch Rachael Ray when I was super young. And I watch more cooking videos now than just about anything. I love to cook but I don't like to clean dishes and I don't like to spend much on one meal. So I'm always finding easier ways to make dishes I like. I made Milk Street's fettuccine tonight. It was delicious

I like to cook, vegetables has many uses. I try to master one ingredient at time and change to next. Most valuable ingredient are eggs, they can make it to many meals and forms.

cooking is life bud

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Mcspook. Couldn't have said it better myself

I love cooking. Especially pasta

Yeah buddy. Geting quite good matter of factly

due to covid yeah

Love cooking hate cleaninf