Anyone playing Rust?
Just wondering anyone else is playing rust.  Got back into it after a year break.  A lot changed, almost like a new game.  Although since I play solo on a high pop server, i'm always suck in Tier 2.

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Rust is a much different game than it used to be, especially now with how popular it got because of famous streamers. Although toxic and unstoppable clans are still common place there are also a lot of new players that have a more "roleplaying" and "bambi" mindset to the game compared to how the veterans play, its pretty chaotic right now within the Rust community but its also probably the most popular it has ever been currently.

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I haven't played it in a long time. Even then, I used to run the server software on my PC so I could play solo. I wonder if you can still do that.

That being said, every time I reinstall it and check it out, it does seem better. And there's still something wonderful about a game that gives you a rock to start with, rather than punching trees.

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just got it recently and it’s all i’ve been playing. very fun.

since the old blueprint system died the game is trash!

Yea like among us, Rust got really popular for bit, giving it a popularity boost. It really helped and a swarm of new players came in

yea my favorite streamer pokimane played so i do too. she has a big butt.