Are Raycon Earbuds Legit?
Tons of youtubers and ads keep popping up and its always the same products, Raycon, Nordvpn, Raid, Ampme, Etoro, Manscaped etc. But are they really legit products as advertised?

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Someone I know just got a pair of E25s and I got a chance to try them. They're okay for being $70. There are certainly better but there are also certainly worse. I'm a bit of an audiophile so they're not up to my standards but nothing sub $100 really is. I think it's just a case of a company going really really hard on the ads and it paying off.

I remember being recommended this video by this guy that kinda told me enough about them to be less enthused about them. It's just one reviewer, but for that much money I'd expect a bit better.

RE: Are Raycon Earbuds Legit?.

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I tried a set a friend had, I'd say they are acceptable for the price, don't expect too much

The promos are nauseatingly scripted. Like the tubers can't come up with anything better to say or do than what was in the talking points list, which says a lot about the sincerity of "I've been using them non stop and love them," BS, no you haven't.

The language is very manipulative as well. They say "compared to other earbuds for twice/three times as much." If you're paying audiophile prices for ear buds, you're not an intelligent person because none of them can possibly be audiophile quality. No exceptions, the form factor alone sorely limits bass response potential well below what you should expect for $100+ even if they were wired. But what brands are they even referring to? Apple? JBL? Beats? They're all hype brands offering little quality difference over products 1/5th the price let alone 1/2 or 1/3.

And they stay in huh? BS, there's nothing to hold them in, they're not going to stay in, perodt.

Idk though they're probably good.

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Used them in the gym. Not great. Volume in one ear was way softer than the other

They're alright, not the best earbuds you can get for what they're priced at but it's not horrible. Although to add onto that, my friend has raycons and the right earbud gets half as loud as the left earbud, so I'm not sure how often they come defective.

I dont think so bro....