Are there other forums like stackoverflow?
Everyone who codes loves, knows and uses stackoverflow, but there are more forums like it, what are some examples? This thread could be useful in case SO goes down so the whole dev community doesn’t freak out

reddit, irc, github

If you're worried specifically about SO, there's quite a few sites that scrape it and present as their own answers (I don't know addresses off the top of my head, but I've come across them).

Most of the time I just use whatever turns up in a web search; Reddit, general forums, tool specific forums (Oracle, Spring, whatever), issue trackers.

specifically for reddit, I closely follow r/programming for some updates and useful contents. Or r/learnprogramming if I have any questions

nullbyte is a good one

no ones mentioned quora - not programming specifically but you occasionally find some programming or related mathematical proofs on there

Not too much info on this topic but shoutout to all the helpful people.

oh thanks man!!!

you can use leakedbb man i am sure we would be happy to help people around here are really nice with noobies. One must consider that stackoverflow is a forum like any other and replicating it doesn't always give you the result that you are hoping for. My recommendation is, always go through google and used that as the forum you need. I personally always try to improve my skills by reading books and other things that really help me increase my skills as a developer. It has worked so far in my career.