Are you going to buy a PS5?
I probably am (wish we could do polls here)

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I'm curious what you guys think of that controller tho. I think it looks a little bulky, but cool nonetheless!

Yeah probably will get one. Selling my switch to fund it.

Not really, I'm having a decent PC
But that controller looks dope
Especially with all its haptic motors and stuff

Na, not a big fan of consoles tbh, better save up a few more and get a pc. Better performance. The only reason anyone would get a console is for specific games otherwise get a pc and the console gear attached to your pc bam same thing

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Yeah probably will get one after ps one, ps2, ps3 and ps4

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yeah probs, had no problems with the ps4 just want backwards compatibility

yeah i'm sure i will get one

ps5 is on my wishlish fo sho

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Not at launch but like the 2nd batch

Nah I don’t think so

Probably not. I have a beefy PC which will be enough for all the games coming out in the next 2 years. I don't have time to play all the awesome games in PC already.

Yes of course!

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I'm actually more interested in getting them old PS ones and twos for sentimental purposes. Shouldnt have thrown mine away

Yes, they always have good exclusives.

ill probably get ps4 when ps5 comes out honestly

Not worth the money I feel

I probably will eventually. I'm not a PC gamer so I stick with consoles for multiplat games. I'll just wait awhile until there's an actual exclusive I want or for some sale/bundle before buying.

yea perhaps, I haven't owned a console in years but with this lockdown the gaming has started back up

Yeah!! Probably Black Friday or first deal that comes out for it though. Not right at launch.