Are you watching the conventions?
If so, what did/do you think of them? What’s gone right and what’s gone horribly wrong?

that was not good.....

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na not watching it sorry

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I watched the RNC night 1. I wonder how much cocaine they went through to get those speakers that that crazy.

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The first night of the RNC was interesting to say the least. Reading old, rural friends’ admiration of it was startling.

Unfortunately, yes. Although, I was a bit surprised with how heartwarming the DNC was, and frankly the "meme-y" characters in the RNC did not help at all to boost its credibility. I read that night one of the RNC had much lower ratings than the DNC, and to certain elected officials, ratings are very important.

honestly, I completely forgot they were on. Is it on Youtube?

They are on YouTube~ And they're all live-streamed as well

I don't think I'm missing much by not watching them. lol