BF 2042
What are you thoughts about BF 2042? I think it will be alot of fun, especially the "portal" mode where alot of different eras are put in one game.

Will you buy it or have already preordered it or do you wait and test the free 2 play mode before buying it? I'm gonna play the f2p mode and will then decide if I buy it.

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It looks cool but expensive.
I don't think ill buy it in the near future.

Looks pretty hard to run lol

Ya im going to test the free2play first too, to see if my gpu can even reach 60fps on the lowest settings lol.

I dont care about the Price though, all new releases start at 70$. Its the new norm now.



It’s probably going to be the best FPS game of the last 3 years

I need to buy a new cpu before I get my hand on it. Will probably be a Great game

It looks good but i will not be buy anytime soon.. maybe on sale in a few years

The game looks good, like the old good BF3 and BF4! I'm super excited, can't wait for the release date. Gonna have it on day one since they provide it on Xbox game pass!