I also got around to reading basilisk a deathmatch between two ninja clans.
A 10 v 10 to decide the next shogun.
Was pretty fun to watch and most characters only had toned down unique abilities making for a pretty enjoyable watch and it's also rather short having only 5 volumes
I had fun but it's not anything too amazing 

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Basilisk is kinda limited by its time. Death free for alls are more common now so that feels less special but in its time it was something a bit different. I enjoyed that they didnt shy away from sex and violence in the fights and the abilities were good but not naruto or dbz destroy the world " good". I think it is a solid story for its time but it kinda shows its age.

True based on how the manga world has evolved.
It might not have aged so well but i think it's still a pretty good manga which deserves a look