Battlefield 6
What are you guys expecting with bf6? Could it be the game to comeback as a competitor to cod again? What time period are you hoping for? I personally just want a modern day shooter with a gunsmith type system like modern warfare and the gameplay of bf3/4.

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Dude BF3 was a genuinely sick game. I just wish BF6 comes back to that insane gameplay it once had.

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Yeah man, every match was an action movie. Great game.

I would really hope it can come back, but superior to cod. I think a huge problem with bf5 was that it released so half assed and incomplete, which is what turned me off from picking up the game personally. Both series have declined in quality but if the guys at EA and Dice really want to make a comeback they'll need to put some real heart into the game. Anyways, what would I be hoping for? I'm not really sure but if it's going to be in the time period of ww2, cold war, modern, or futuristic, it's going to need something special to it. Those eras are so filled up that to make something stand out you're going to need a good something. ww1 is a definite no because they just released a game like that like 4 years ago.

It seems they have been hinting at modern day and I hope they do that