Best Asian OF account to follow
What are some of the best Asian Of to follow. Preferable with b/g content and face shown

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I’m lookin for the exact same haha

You can look at maria nagai's content if you're into that body type ( big butt )

Is she the same as the jav actress

kendra spade its a porn star but idk if u will like her?

I don't subscribe to OF but lilykawaii is a pretty good start.

María nagai shares uncensored content

i feel like paisleyyy is decent

if i knew i’d tell you that’s the reason i’m here

María nagai is pretty good

if i knew i’d tell you that’s the reason i’m here

Haven't tried, but caroandlace looks promising from her preview clips on twitter. Face shown. Not sure if she does B/G though

Kawaiimomo is definitely a great pick.
Same for Hime_tsu.

Pixei (Aznobody)

lilykawaii is good and breeboo is good too

Try reddit's Asiansgonewild and there'll be some choices

thats a nice list

caroandlace is good   At