Best Headphones for PC?
Looking to get some headphones for my new desktop. Heard that Corsair has some great options, but curious to hear your thoughts! Thanks.

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Vmoda Crossfade, over-ear, look fragile but last for a long time. Solid and Perseveres after multiple drops. Good thing is the headphones are slightly modular, so you can buy parts if too many scratches or paint looks bad.
Pioneer Hdj 1500 or 2000. Big fan of DJ style, Ebay has good prices, and HDJ2000 is for bigger wallets.
Marshall Majors, on-ear, they're are really clear, the frame is a bit tight so you may feel uncomfortable with on-ears being pressed up and it gets some being used to. Got wired and Bluetooth, I would say equal if not Bluetooth sounds better.
Hercules M40.1 or HDP 60, on-ear with swivel. Best for college or constant on the move, it's all plastic so it may break on wear/tear. But at $50, it's just an upgraded earbud, cheap but more effective.
If you need one as a headset, business>leisure, try the Plantronics Voyager. On-ear, Basically does it all and noise canceling is perfect even in crowded shoulder to shoulder areas. Bluetooth, plug and play, wear all day for 8 hours and not be tired or annoyed at anything about these headphones.

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What’s your price range? There’s a ton out there but it all depends on what you want to spend. You can probably snag some sennheiser gaming headphones for cheap since they’re in the middle one changing ownership.

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Hyperx stingers are really affordable and good. Mine are 3 years old and still work great.

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What’s considered cheap for a headset?

Gsp370 has been real good. The wireless helps

Yeah I agree you can’t go wrong with Hyper-X. It’s even better when you can catch them on sale.

If you can snag Hyper X on a sale, that’s honestly the best value. I’ve had mine for years and have had no issues

+1 for hyper x. From the standard priced options out there that are not audiophile level, hyper x will be your best bet

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I loved the Astro A30 but they’re about pricey I believe around $299 but the padding around your ears is nice soft breathable I always have the issue of my ears get really hot and then I get all sweaty lol plus the mixer is nice to adjust friends talking and game play on the fly.

A nice cheap set is the Astro a10. I believe they’re $60

I'd say anything hyper x

audio technica?

Sony and/or Bose are really good

I have been using the sony MDR-Z7M2 for a while and I'm pretty happy with them.

Im using JBl tune e50anc. Noise canceling works like a charm