Best Home Exercises?
What do you all recommend to stay in mild shape during this pandemic?? Struggling to find motivation to stay active.

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Try Viddal Riley's youtube channel. He's an up and coming pro boxer and he's posted a few home workouts, tho they're a little boxing oriented in terms of the muscle groups that are most worked

it's tough - if you can run/bike outside that's pretty good but doing meaningful resistance work without weights is a challenge

if you have stair run up the stairs multiple times, do push up , shadow boxing, and squats. its been helping me.

Ring fit on switch is pretty good if you have it.

You can always ride a bicycle or run/walk outside but it got some risk of infection (low but exists).

Personally, I don't go out unless strictly necessary and exercise indoors. Most of time I do indoor cycling, my trainer was collecting dust at least for one year... I also have a PS3 eye and the move remotes for ages and only now I really started to use then with PS3 Move fitness to do gymnastics and wife also start to use it after see me exercise.

Even without any accessories you can easily find videos of personal trainers in youtube with exercises you can do at home with household items. 
Other word of advise, try to reduce what you eat, if you always on the sofa you don't need to eat the same (and I love to eat and I'm trying a lot to do it).

You can watch some of AthleanX's videos. They do a good job explaining how exercises work and how to do them properly so as to not hurt yourself.

when someone finds some motivation, please share, kthx

Mobility exercises if you have small flat Wink

Invest in a pull up bar and adjustable dumbbells from 20 to 60 or 80 lbs.. Those are affordable and you can do almost anything like in the gym.

Rowing machine if you have the space and the cash

just get a pull up bar for your doorframe

incline press ups are good

I know this isnt really home exercises but I've found jogging to be great. Sometimes its good to just get out and get some fresh air since lockdown has you stuck inside for so much.

Ive taken up doing a couch to 5k program.

if you have a good space in your home and a running meachine maybe you should try short intervals training, yes its tairing but man it will get you in shape real good but just make sure to get a deacent meal after and before

meat beating

personally really like HIIT, gives a good sweat and not very time consuming