Best Oscar (Best Picture) winner of the 2010's?
I feel like movie quality favors the earlier part of the decade? Anyone agree? IDK the best Oscar winner tho.

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just looked back at the winners over the last 10 years and The Artist is the only one I would even consider watching again, and even then I would have to be seriously bored. None of these winners would have even been nominated 20-30 years ago.

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Parasite (2019) was my favourite winner of the 2010's. Although there were better films released throughout the decade IMO

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I’d have to say parasite, although looking back I feel the best movie didn’t win

what did you think was better?

I'd go in the last 20 years because it's a larger picture... Slumdog Millionaire by a mile but only for the 2010 I'd go for Shape of Water