Best PS3 Exclusive
With the ps3 store closing soon, what would you say is the best ps3 exclusive?

what game should people buy from the store now ?

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I would say "The Last of Us"

definitely get inFamous 1 and 2

metal gear solid 4

There's the remaster of the jak and daxter trilogy on ps3. Only the ps2 version was ported to ps4 so it will become quite rare except on emulators later on. I believe the same can be said about sly cooper trilogy and ratchet and clank trilogy.

Try to Look for something you'll like thats digital only. Ps3 phyical discs are selling for pennys, well like 1-5 pounds these days. I'd say they might start going up once the store shuts down. Anyway Metal Gear Soild 4 hands down, thou I did really love Warhawk

The lust of us

Probably have to be the last of us for me, i remember playing an alternate history game where you fight an alien invasion in what i think was aroumd ww2 time? But the name escapes me!!

The Last of Us