Best Techniques to Boost Productivity While Working Remotely
I've been working remotely for the past few months and have encountered some challenges in maintaining my productivity. I'd love to hear about the techniques or tools you use to stay productive while working from home. Do you have a morning ritual? How do you organize your tasks? What apps or methods do you recommend? Any tips or experiences would be greatly appreciated! Let's share our best practices!

I struggled to transition to working from home during COVID. Now I work from home 3 days a week out of choice. I still like to get into the office twice a week for a change of pace.

Things that have worked for me:
- Exercise in the morning to get anxious energy out. Either at the gym or going for a jog/walk
- Putting my phone in another room
- Get outside during my lunch break
- To do lists with rough timeline of my day

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