Best UFC fight of 2020?

Who thinks this weekend's Porier vs Hooker fight was the best fight of 2020 so far? The first 4 rounds were incredible although by the 5th both guys loooked dead on their feet. I think the main competition is the womens strawweight title fight at UFC 248 which was also incredible but I tend to favor the heavier divisions in tiebreaker situations. What do you guys think?
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The pace of Joanna vs. Weili was incredible, and having seen Joanna get dropped from a punch in the past made Weili seem all the more dangerous.
That said, Hooker and Poirier were exchanging heavy, heavy shots. I'm surprised they both survived some of the exchanges. That, plus the sound of them landing in the empty venue really had me on the edge of my seat, so I give it to them too.

However, it seems when we say "best" we mean "most competitive," so in that sense I might give it to the women. Although Hooker took the first couple of rounds, by the end I think Poirier had sealed the win. With Weili and Joanna, I really didn't know who should have won. Weili looked really gassed halfway through, but was able to recover. Joanna got that massive forehead hematoma that just kept growing, and I think that influenced the decision. Joanna was was landing more, but Weili was landing harder, so it was really hard to call.

It’s Porier-Hooker for sure.