Best VPN
What VPN do people most prefer? I used to be all in on ExpressVPN but switched to Surfshark last year due to price and have been happy with them ever since. I'm always interested in hearing people's experiences with VPN as I am constantly trying to upgrade my experience while maintaining value pricing.

ProtonVPN is the best

I like Express or Surfshark

Do all vpn keep logs. They advertise no logs but i think they do.

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I use ProtonVPN. I cannot say any negative aspects.

+1 for ProtonVPN

Idk how many I tried until I finally got to protonVPN and after a couple hours I ended up subscribing. Monthly for now but if it doesn't change to much I'm going yearly. As new subscriber, they gave me a discount 1st month then day before I had to renew they opened up access to all servers for the 1st tier subscribers. So unless you need like 5 emails etc, get the basic plan for the highest plan VPN servers. And they also have onion tor dedicated servers.
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