Best Worst Movie
What's the best "so bad it's good" movie

First one that comes to mind is the velocipastor.

The fire vfx at the beginning are God tier

I have three of those waiting to be watched. B movies that are so awful they turn into Z movies and then they become great.

The one that's the funniest is on YouTube. The first action movie filmed in Uganda is so bad that it's funny as hell. It's called, "Who Killed Captain Alex?" Watch it and check out the comments, it's hilarious/

Wiki: https: //en (dot) wikipedia (dot) org /wiki/Who_Killed_Captain_Alex%3F

Full movie on YouTube: https:/ /www (dot) youtube (dot) com /watch?v=KEoGrbKAyKE

I love the old B comedic scary movies such as bad teste and brain dead. Theres also that one with the condom that eats your dick.

basic pick but the room!

All of Adam Sandler's movies!

I would say its Dirty Dancing.

love me a good movie

Rambo 3 probably